Monday, July 19, 2010

And the wheels they keep on turnin'

Those of you who know  me know I am CONSTANTLY thinking of list ideas and bouncing them off my friends. The only downside to this is the size of my wallet. With 8th edition fantasy now available I am thinking about a couple of lists to give me some variety over just my vampires. What do you all think?

List 1: Chaos Mortals Troll Hammer
      chaos sorcerer on disc with level 4 upgrade
      chaos sorcerer on disc with level 4 upgrade
     Troll king Throgg

 3x 6 trolls

2x 5 hounds

2x dragon ogre shaggoth with great weapon

 List 2: Ogre Kingdoms Oni of DOOOOOOOOMMMMM.....hur, hur, hur......

2x Butchers

2x 6 bulls
6 ironguts

2x 5 lead belchers
2x 20 gnoblar fighters

2x scraplaunchas

Both lists are hammers with serious magical support, if not the same theme. I think the ogres will get a (stolen) Oni theme, various shades of blue skin for all but the butchers (greens) and the leadbelchers (reds). The ogres rely on impact and stomp hits with buffs from the butchers.

The Trolls are a regeneration nightmare. The sorcs can throw spells all day long and the real hammers here are the shaggoths. The lists are both small model counts that rely on the monstrous infantry rules to inflict damage. I have screening units in both to help get them into combat intact and magic to bust a few holes in things as I close in. What do you all think? Which one would do better? They the same? I think ogres have the shooting advantage, where the trolls can regenerate....

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