Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's been a while....

Well I had my break, and the beach fully recharged my batteries. I am fully ready to kick someone in the gibblies (or get kick if it comes to it) on Friday the 9th July at Buckeye battles 40k RTT.  You can see the details here. My local gaming club is helping to run the event and you can see their site, along with the missions here.

I really am looking forward to this, as I get to throw down with the best that central- Ohio (and a large part of the mid-west) has to offer.

On a side note I got bumped out of the campaign by a last minute rally from Richard, so now they are down to the last game this week to determine the winner. Good luck guys! (curses!!)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WHFB) releases it's 8th edition rules on July 10, so I'll be making a trip to The Armoury to pick up a copy. I ordered the collector edition which is supposedly sold out. I hope Bruce was able to get me a copy as the sales rep told him (crosses fingers)

Now on to the important question....what army to do....Throgg troll army or skeleton horde vampires?

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