Friday, July 16, 2010

Warhammer 8th is upon us

I've been kind of musing about Warhammer fantasy for a few years. I even had a full night goblin list a few years back I ended up dumping on E-bay....boy do I regret that. Well the new version of the rules looks fantastic (the collectors edition rulebook certainly helps), and I am now officially psyked to get some games in. I have about 90% of a vampire counts army on hand. Though the original concept from a year ago has changed, I do think I am going to try and make them a magical power house list.

Ill start with Mannfred....almighty Mannfred Von Carstein. Awesome in his own right 8th edition has given him one heck of a boost. Combine him with another vampire or two with masters of the dark arts and BAMM one awsome magic phase.....I might even throw in a pair of magic staffs from the Arcane items list....yes tasty...I'll even back that up with a pair of corpse carts with balefire....-2 on all those casting rolls for you!

The old Horde rule was just MADE for zombies. Especially with a vamp hiding in a unit of 60....
2 units of skellies and some ghouls to guard the flanks of that mess, some grave guard as a hammer, and even a varghulf for artillery hunting.

It all sounds great on paper, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.....

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