Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boltgun Battles 3

Well, I went to a local tournament yesterday called Boltgun Battles, and I had a Spectacular time. This was the third annual event held in a town a few miles north of me. Alan Blount organises this every year with the help of his friends and I have to say, they throw a hell of a party. The prize support was spectacular, and more than half of the entrants left with something to show for the day beyond 3 good games. There were some CRAZY games going a necron vs. necron with 5 monoliths and nightbringer between them....did I mention one of those players was a woman!?! (Amanda I LOVED your army, very thematic and well done).

Now, the games were at 2000pts, which is larger than I usually play, so I had to sit down and create a whole new animal. I went through 5 army builds on three different codeci before I settled with Daemons of chaos. I was fairly certain I would be in a minority with them, but more importantly I ENJOY the quirky nature of the army.  I took a sub-optimal list of my own design, that with some tweaking (and about 30 plaguebearers) could be a tough nut to crack. This is how it stood for the tournament:

3x Daemon prince, mark of Nurgle, wings, Daemon Armour and Noxious touch
3 flamers
12 plaguebearers
16 bloodletters
2x 15 bloodletters

Now, I know this is not an "optimal" list, but it hits hard, and I enjoy playing it. I had three spectacular opponents and while the random daemons didn't perform perfectly (and neither did I), I had nothing but fun. Here is a run-down of my games. I can't remember all the details of the lists but here is what I do remember.

In round one I played Afrojoe. Now, Afrojoe had done something similar to me and taken an army he did not normally play. His space marines were really in the growing stages and Afrojoe seemed to be still learning the ropes with them.

Librarian with force dome
Captain with fist in a tricked out command squad in a rhino
3 (possibly 4 but im not sure) 5 man tacticals in rhinos with various gear
typhoon speeder
2 triple lascannon predators.

Now Joe played well, but he had never played the daemons, and I was able through LUCKY drops to get his speeder, one predator, his command and a tactical in the space of 2 turns with my princes.....took all 5 turns to kill everything except an immobilized rhino and one predator which had no guns on it. Joe is super nice guy and we talked after the game about how it went and what could have gone differently. Joe is one of those guys that I would play anytime!

My second game was against Jeremy McClung and his spectacularly painted Howling Griffons marines. This army is GORGEOUS. Jeremy is a super nice guy as well, and we laughed all the way through this game.

Khan on bike with command squad
Librarian with null zone (curses!)
4 tactical squads in razorbacks all with las/twin-plasma
bike squad with a multi-melta attack bike, this one was scoring because of Khan
2 whirlwinds

Now it strikes me that I am missing something, so Jeremy if you read this comment and let me know, because I really like this list. There was an incredible amount of low AP fire coming in, and Fateweaver should have been the savior of my list....except Jeremy shot every gun in his army at him for 2 turns and I eventually failed that third save....after even making two leadership tests to keep him around. Problem is, I had no way to stop null zone, so I had to re-roll all successful invulnerable saves on half the table....which is basically all I had.....hmpf.....This mission was for table quarters and kill the opposing general was a bonus table quarter. While I smeared Khan all over my filth encrusted talons in turn 3, he had killed fateweaver. It came down to a 5 to 3 win for Jeremy on strength of numbers in his scoring units.

Now in round 3 I played Jeff Jenkins, and his mechanised Imperial guard. Again, Jeff if I miss something comment and let me know.

2 primaris psykers as HQ
4 veteran squads in chimeras
pair of Leman Russ battle tanks with hull lascannons
Pair of Executioners (ouch)

This mission was a bad draw for me as there were three objectives in a line across the middle of the table, all out in the open. Then you throw that SICK firepower on a daemon and I just melted under the fire here. Jeff was ready to throw Fateweaver across the room by turn four, but we both had a good game. It was fun and in the end I lost 2 to nothing.

In the end I was 1-2 on the day with a total of 16 battle points. I have not seen the final painting, comp or sports scores so I am not filled in on the placements over all, but I did walk away with on HELL of a prize:BEST SPORTSMAN! I had NO idea I was even in the running. I went to have some good games and a good time, and I aceived that in spades, but the sportsman award was AWESOME!! and the prize support for it was....well......THIS!!!

Yes...that is a Knight titan....WOOT!

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