Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Defense of Drask


The Drask system lies deep in the Galactic North East. It lies far from Major routes to anywhere….in real-space. The fourth planet from a bright Blue star, Drask IV is an H Type planet, with a breathable, though severely polluted atmosphere and a population of more than 40 billion. As a manufactorium planet it is unable to feed itself as nearly 80% of it’s surface is covered with urban sprawl centered around regional Hive cities. What Drask lacks in Agriculture it more than makes up for in raw ceramite sheeting production and stamping. This output arms and protects the tow nearest Imperial regimental recruitment hubs on Valhalla and Tallarn.
Then there is the matter of the local shipping routes. Due to the ever changing tides, currents and eddies in the Empyrean the system currently sits on one end of a jump point to a system within 500 light-years of Terra. If the forces of destruction should take control of this jump point then The siege if Terra could happen again….with ease…..
Inquisitor Pranix Leads 5 Battle companies of the Space Wolves, elements of the Cadian 301st and The Tallarn 14th in retaking the 9 hollow worlds from Huron Blackheart. Drask has elevated production levels in support. As the production push is foremost on the minds of the forge supervisors, they miss tell-tale warp signatures at the edge of the system. Only the failsafe warning beacons mark the approach of Xenos and Heretic ships….

Im running a campaign at Armoury Games in Pickerington. This is the fluff for it. If you are interested let me know here with a comment. I have this set up for 12 players, but I can make room for more if needed.

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