Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Tale of Two (addicted) Gamers

Well, I have my second miniature group ordered now. I have added the following, which will make a playable army somewhere above the 500 point range so I can begin testing.

Urien Rakarth
2x boxes of Wytches
Webway Portal

These are really just filler pieces to make it a legal army. There are a bunch more things that I am likely to need to convert or buy multiple boxes of to complete. The force after wave 2 (no grear) looks like this:

Urien Rakarth

9 Wytches in raider
20 Wytches on foot for portal
10 Warriors

2x 6 Bikes

Again this is a partial force, but I plan on getting some Hemonoculi as a second HQ and dropping the Archon. I will need more warriors to get the bits for a Trueborn tank busting squad, and I need to convert 3 bombers and a parasite engine or two as the anchors of the list. So far so good!

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