Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drask round 2 results

Well the mission went well and all had good HARD fought games. In the end Mike and PyroJeff pulled out Major victories to claim the extra Campaign points on offer. PyroJeff's Blood Angels are pulling into a small lead with a strong base of operations. Mikes Blood Angels are a strong second. They also have now established a landing zone and can begin to push for the shield generators surrounding Hive Primus.

Don't leave the Orks, Tau or Ultra marines out of this. The Imperial guard also made an appearance in support of the three companies of marines on the planet. The forces of chaos have been engaged all across the sector, and rumors of cult activity have been confirmed as well.

Can the Blood angels push their advantage and establish supply lines to the hive spire before the Orks and Tau manage to drop the void shields protecting the citizens of Drask IV?

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