Monday, February 14, 2011

30K Thousand Sons update

I mentioned a while back that I was planning out a Heresy Era Thousand sons army. In that same post I mentioned looking at several different Army books and failing to be satisfied with the ability of the existing armies to create a list that would "feel" like a smaller elite army that relies on sorcery for most fo it's "punch". I did settle on using the Space Wolves due to the ability to take 4 HQ choices and make them all runepriests to weight the magic use in the army. Now, I tried to tell myself that the inherent "wrongness" of using the mortal enemies of the army I am playing to represent them was all in fun, and a good joke....but it WAS wrong. I still do not feel right about it (too much fluff nazi I know).

I am now seeing lots of rumors surrounding the upcoming Grey Knights book, and to be totally honest, I think that if even half of what the internet is saying is true, the Grey knight book will be a better fit for my army without a rule set to hang their helmets on.

Is it perfect? No. I would rather have a chaos book that would work for them, or heck even a loyalist I'll hold on until I read the Grey Knights book and make a call. In the meantime I have made a bit of progress on them. I am building a Stormraven to use as either part of the army if I use the GK book, or part of the display board if I don't. I also have Azek Ahriman to tabletop standard. Here's some pix: