Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Ides of March

Wow the last month has passed in a blur. With Armoury Games closing it's doors an era of gaming ends for me. Am I sad about loing the ONLY FLGS within 30 minutes? Yes. I know I still have a home in Newark, or heck even at the Guard Tower with some time investment. For now I am not really worried. Why? Well I have a ton of things still simmering that I can put more attention to.

1. March 26th "hobby" tournament in Newark. 1850 necron army to be painted in 20 days
2. Thousands Sons project is coming along with the first squad in hand and on the work bench.
3. The Defense of Drask campaign I was running at the shop has moved home.
4. 40k Origins is screaming ahead with terrain projects for the RTT there in June
5. Mission design/painting rubric/sportsmanship scoring for 40k Origins underway

I am still going to play that campaign storyline out. One of the best guys from Armoury Games, Jeff (Astivus) has agreed to play through the missions I had laid down and see where it comes out. For now it will be the Subdjugator marines and imperial guard against the orks.

My priority right now is thrashing out my necron army to have them all painted up for the tournament on the 26th. I haven't been to the CSP in a long time so this will be a nice return to my roots.

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