Monday, May 2, 2011

Volscani Vs. Orks Part 1: The lists

Well had a friend come over yesterday and we got in a 1750 point game. Great guy, great game.

My List:
Alpha Psyker
Psyker squad (9) in Chimera
5x veterans, 3 plasma in chimera
 veteran squad 3 melta in chimera
3 hydra tanks
Russ Executioner
2x 2 scout Sentinels with autocannons
5 snipers

Jeff's list:
Boss Smashog PK, twinlinked shoota, cybork
BigMek Bentwrench, KFF
10 nobs, painboy, orderly, 3 claws, bigchoppa, waagh! banner in trukk
20 sluggsboys, nob with klaw and bosspole
12 shootaboys in a trukk
20 shootaboyz, nob with Klaw and bosspole
Zaggstruck with 15 vulcha boyz
Battlewagon with 'ardcase, deffrolla, Zzapgun, 4x bigshootas
Deff dread 2x ccw armor plates and riggers

Capture and control, spearhead deployment

This was a great game....nailbiter down to the end.!

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