Friday, April 29, 2011

Shifting gears

It sometimes seems like life loves to throw curves in the road. While I am happily working away at two armies in my Thousand Sons and Kabal of the Sundered Storm, I am reminded of a few big events this summer.....

First in Line is Origins 2011. This convention is the largest gaming convention in Ohio and I will be running a GW certified Golden ticket awarding tournament there. Now this tournament will be awarding the top two finishers tickets to the Throne of Skulls tournament to be held in Memphis in 2012. I have plans to support as many as 30 tables, a big event to be sure. The guys over at 40k Origins have lined up some incredible events to go along with it. There is even another group running a fantasy tournament and awarding Throne of Skulls placement for that system as well. Now anyone who is now or has been a TO knows how much work this is to coordinate, so I am head down getting details worked out there.

Event number two is at the end of July, Buckeye Battles. Now I went last year and ended up in the top tables only to choke in round 3. I would like to think I played well, and I certainly had a good time, so this year I am going back. Now, my Thousand Sons are not ready, and I don't like my odds with the Kabal as not all the models I want to use are available yet. This means I need to pick from my other armies to try and get a winner. I'm not going through all the details but I have Chaos Marines, Renegade Guard, Necrons, Chaos daemons, and space marines left to chose from. Lots of variety there.

Event three is this Boltgun Battles on September 24th. I am going back this year as the winning Best Sportsman from last year. I hope to defend that title. Details on this tournament can be found here. Of all the events this summer, this will likely be the capstone on the year for me. I am really looking forward to it. At the rate of almost one big event each month my wife's patience and goodwill will be tested....but hey, all is fair in love and war.

(ok, bad quote and even worse pun)

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