Friday, July 8, 2011

Buckeye Battles Indy GT today

 Well I succumb to peer pressure today and took Dark Eldar to the Buckeye Battles Indy GT. This 4 round tournament brought together some awesome players and gorgeous armies over 4 rounds, and awarded 2 tickets to the 2012 Throne of Skulls in Memphis next spring. While I didn't win any major awards (2-1-1 overall), I had an absolute BLAST.

My list was a bit eclectic to help deal with a broad range of armies. To a point that hurt a little in every game, as I didn't feel there was enough focus, but I'll get to that in a minute. My list looked like this:

5 incubi
2x haemonculi with a portal each
2x 10 kabalite warroirs with splinter cannons in flicker raiders
10 wracks in flicker raider
10 wyches
Razorwing fighter w/shatterfield missiles

Round one was a three objective mission againt Adam and his Grey knights. This game was my draw for the day, and came down to a dreadknight killing itself with fearless ocmbat resolution woinds on the bottom of turn 7.

Round 2 was a victory point mission against Dustin with his heavily mechanised marines. I killed all but a 5 marines and a predator in 6 turns for a solid win here.

Round 3 was a 5 objective mission against ( I forget your first name, contact me so I can update this) Ramirez and his Tyranids...Doom and the swarmlord with 2 guards in 1750...yeah....Doom ate almost 700 points out of my army in two turns, and then mys archon wyches and Incubi waited until the 15 minute warning to show up....ouch Loss for me.

Round 4 was Ian and his blue sisters of battle. This was another victory point mission, and it got really close in the end but I pulled out another win here. I really saved myself with a solid two turns of shooting early, but got hurt by not being able to drop my second portal and all my reserves coming in far enough away to give him some shooting before I closed in.

All in all 4 awesome games against 4 great guys!!

I have to apologize, I only took a few pictures, but I'll post what I have, and steal my other opponents army pics from Corbett, the TO as he posts them this week.

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