Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Buckeye Battles Pix

Here are some pictures from Buckeye Battles as promised!

 I wanted NOTHING to do with 2 Achilles Land Raiders....
This is why gamers do not normally let their girlfriends help them paint......That is glitter nail polish....
This is Jeremy McClung's Howling Griffons...the best painted award winner for the third year in a row!!
My army all ready to go.

This was game one, against Adam's Copper (Grey) Knights. Nice army, and my Draw for the day.
This is Dustin's Marines, I played him Second round. Ive known Dustin for years, and he is getting harder to beat every time I play him.
This is the bug army I least wanted to see that day. Doom AND the Swarmlord in one list at 1750 points.....The doom dropped in my grill and ate almost 700 points in two turns....OUCH
Here is the deployment....see tha building I am behind? the Doom dropped right on the other side....in range but out of line of sight for my lances....grrrrr
Ian's Sisters. This is a gorgeous army, and unfortunately limited in the current game rules. I hope they get some nice new toys soon! Great game, nice guy!!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice report! I played 3 of your opponents:
    Adam's Grey Knights (I lost)
    Dustin's Marines (I tied)
    And the Bugs (I lost).

    I was fielding Black and Yellow Tyranids with no monstrous creatures. I ended with 2 ties and 2 losses.

    I am hoping to go to Boltgun Battles, as well. I hope to see you across the table!