Saturday, July 30, 2011

Plugging away

Now that I've been back from Florida for a week, and I am almost caught up at work I can begin to look forward again. Boltgun Battles in September will be the next big outing for the Kabal, and I am slowly starting to make progress on painting them again.

Buckeye Battles was a 1750 point limit, while Boltgun is a 2000 point limit. This means some movement in the list as well as new units. I learned a few things at Buckeye Battles, and I plan on applying them going forward.

1. Dark Eldar CAN do hammer assaults, but they need the right unit in the right place at the right time, and Wyches are NOT that unit. That said I think Incubi, especially when supported by an IC or Talos easily fill that roll.

2. Placement of your hammer blows is CRITICAL. To this end I am using two webway portals to make sure my opponents have no where to hide.

3. Dark Eldar shooting can either be completely MEH to a toughness 4 (or less) army, or incredibly devastating to a small model count army. Be prepared to face both and adapt.

4. USE cover to it's maximum benefit and avoid a slugging contest, you WILL lose it. Cover is your friend, and you live or die by it.

Without giving away too much more than I already have, I am using incubi as a hammer from portals, but I am also using a mix of warriors and Wracks as scoring units. I originally thought that replacing warriors all together with wracks was a good idea, but I find that having 3 or 4 more splinter cannons on the table is a huge help. Will a Hexrifle replace that impact? Dunno. The volume loss COULD be replaced with the benefits of sniping squad specialists or ICs, but is that too situational?

I'm going to play as many practice games as I can and see. I am hoping for tyranid, Wolf, and Orc match ups at a minimum before Boltgun to try out my theories. I'll drop results here, as well as some painting updates as I go.

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