Friday, August 22, 2014

Boltgun's Battle coming September 20, what to take?

Normally I go into this one blind, intentionally letting my own selections play out. This tournament is a HUGE event locally. It is a hobby based tournament that regularly draws the best of the best in the mid-west. Locally Jeremy McClung has taken top honors every year with his armies...they are truly works of art, and everyone essentially gives up the best army award when he walks in the door. His army for this year is the wolves. We have seen bits and pieces of this one for a couple of years now. I'll let this speak for itself after reminding you that this is ALL truescale....

Then there is relative newcomer to Boltgun Joe Elverson and his Eldar. Joe and I have a running grudge every year at Buckeye Battles. His armies are all beautifully airbrushed and done. This is a WIP (!) picture of a couple of his wave serpents.
Look at these closely and you can see the level of competition at Boltgun's Battle every year. These two are just 2 of 30 that play and most of the armies at this tournament show up like this.  Sportsmanship is the most coveted prize and it is not an easy one to win when everyone at the event is having such a good time.

I'm pretty happy with my knights, but I wanted to take my necrons. I need a couple of units to fill the list, but they are not gonna happen in time, so it's likely knights again. I have a list im pretty satisfied with, but at 1750pts i'm pretty limited with them. I'm still looking for ideas to pair with the knights in about 250 points as a rapid objective holder unit, so we'll see where I land.

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