Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Slaughter is over

Summer Slaughter was today (ALL day) and it went really smoothly. Hobby Central is a good 45 minute drive for me, and I haven't visited there before, but it is a really nice place to game and get your hobby on. Super friendly staff and a clean environment win every time.

I went 2-1, with the two wins being wipe out wins. The loss in round three was to the eventual best general winner. His tau with 4 riptides combined with the mission rules allowing him to recycle most of the units I killed helped him out BIG.

I noticed a few things from my first real competitive experience with an all knight army....people do NOT know what to do when faced with 5 super heavy walkers....they panic. Even my last opponent who should have known better was making mistakes. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get in your opponents head. If you can force them to make mistakes, even little ones, it is that much easier to win from the start.

Also, NOT taking the Adamantine lance formation is just dumb. If you are fielding at least 3 knights, take this thing, its that simple. re-rolling saves and extra Hammer of Wrath is incredible. Throw in void shields FTW.

Round one I played Dark Eldar, something like 14 lances....and a cobra destroyer. By all rights his lances should have eaten me, but he scattered his shooting around, sandpapering instead of killing. In the end his paper airplane skimmers just fell apart to all the high strength shots and templates. 

Round two I played Dark Angels. His army was almost all infantry, and with two devastator squads holding 8 rockets, plus a twin lascannon dred I should have been hiding....but he just locked up and didnt think, once again sandpapering me. It didn't help him that his 470pt command squad deepstrike mis-happed and destroyed itself.....OUCH.
Aaron and I discuss the way the cards are falling

Round 3 was as mentioned 4 riptide Tau....He must have had 30 marker lights and knew how to use them. Aaron and I have played before, he is an exceptional list builder and a deadly opponent....but 5 knights got in his head.....again sandpaper for the first few turns. I have to say this was the BEST game of 40k I think I have ever played, and i've been playing 20+ years. EVERY MOVE and action was a nailbiter for both of us. Both of us were hanging on every die roll  and save. We were really into it and having a ball laughing all the way through. Now the mission here allowed all but super heavy and tanks to respawn and auto arrive from reserve the turn after they are killed. So I had 4 riptides and 30 kroot and 20 fire warriors and almost 20 pods all came back if I killed it. So how do you score when half the objectives are just re-occupied the turn after you blow units off of them? The mission might not have hurt as bad if there weren't 4 riptides I didn't want to kill shooting at me with all those marker lights....
On Parade after round one for Judging

In the end I took best overall. The scores are not yet up on Warscore, so I don't know the details yet, but I HAD to do something right in there somewhere. My list was up about 2-3 posts back, so you can find it there.

Now, on to Boltgun's Battle on September 20th. What to take, what to take....

*Edit results are up now...apparently people liked my army despite how much trash talk I took over it! 

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