Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chaos Ascendant

I have been thinking about re-making my chaos marine list a lot recently. I have been doing a lot of reading and put quite a bit of thought into how to make it more competitive, yet stay away from lash builds or all plague builds. I want to make the army into something unique, with my own flair and still compete. I have something close now given the following units:

Chaos Sorcerer, Tzeentch mark, warptime and breath
9 thousand sons, sorcerer with bolt in rhino with havoc launcher
9 thousand sons, sorcerer with bolt in rhino with havoc launcher
9 thousand sons, sorcerer with bolt
8 chosen, icon of tzeentch, 3 pairs of lightening claws and a fist
2 pair of obliterators.

This list is an approximate at point totals, shooting for 1850 points. The concept is rather simple. I have three groups within the army, assault, support and defense.

The assault unit (chosen and Sorcerer)advance quickly to tie up key elements of my opponents army. They are supported by the transported thousand sons shooting. These two support units can also contest/hold the mid-field objectives late game. The obliterators fall in here as well. Those I can deep-strike into the backfield or start on the board if I am facing a lot of armor.

The last element is the defense. That is the Thousand sons without a transport. Tough as nails and takes a dedicated effort to shift them off the objective. I like the idea behind this army. I am thinking this might be the ideal mix of my favorite tactics, so I'm going to make myself a promise:

Stay with this build out for one year. Don't change it from it's finalized form until you know that it is solid, and your play-style is set in with it. I have a year until the necrons arrive if the rumored release schedule holds. Lets give it until then.

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