Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The return of Apocalypse

Well...here I go again with the grand plans. This time I have gotten smart....invitation only event.

In the first corner we have necrons, with myself, Parker, Chris O.(maybe), and Todd (maybe) with about 10k points worth of necrons....

In the other corner we have William, Drew, and a few others (TBD) with Imperial Gaurd, and some space marine reinforcements.

The game is set on the jungle world of Sarlaxis 4. The Necrons had the world set as a tomb planet, and the imperials decided to move in. Of course the good old 'Crons wake up and don't like the humans camping on their lawn, so a fight ensues.

The tomb wakes slowly so the imperials hold the capitol city long enough for the Dark Angels chapter of marines to arrive in orbit and send in some reinforcements. Unfortunately the Dark angels are being pressed for other quarters by other campaigns and can only contribute a small relief force.

The Necrons are fully functional before the marines arrive and have the planet blockaded from orbit. The marines will need to run the blockade to drop in support for the beleaguered defenders.

The battle will be taking place on two tables. The first will be a space hulk style boarding action fought aboard the necron cruiser to disable it, and allow the marines to land reinforcements. This will be a standard 40k game using the following restrictions:

marines get 3k points using the standard 40k force organization charts. I will discuss a few exceptions with Will before the game. No tanks, as the battle is fought INSIDE the Necron cruiser. What ever survives of the marine force will be able to drop in to the follow up battle on the surface via Thunderhawks beginning on turn 3.

On the apocalypse board, the remaining imperial forces will be deployed using the following rules behind what ever planet strike terrain we can get our hands on. I have one bastion and a fortress, Will has promised more. The imperials will have one reaver titan, one warhound titan, a few flyers, and as many as three baneblades of various types in support. Al other imperial forces will be mustered from normal 40k army lists.

The game will start with the imperials deployed in the fortress and Bastions, and the Necrons walking on from the jungle at the edge of the table, or teleporting in from reserve as normal.

This is the plan, and we all know what happens when people come into contact with plans...

So Armoury games guys, I have a couple of imperial guard spots open. Any takers? You will need to provide your own army to play, I can't ask Will to pony up that much stuff, and I don't have enough myself.

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