Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holidays winding down...hobby ramping up

Well, with Christmas behind us (mostly) I am starting to look into 2011 and think about what I want from my hobby in the coming year. I am kicking off with a bang on January 8th with a king of the hill apocalypse game, and starting a 4 month long campaign on the 22nd. Nice start.....but then what?

Well...the DE are nearly done until GW can get around to the release of wracks and a few other bits.....
Mike's Blood Angels are a slow trickle, so they will take quite a bit of time to see the end of....
Necrons? well mebbe by September if we are lucky.

Now what? I think it is time to go back and finish (or at least work on) some half finished paint and assembly projects. I've been thinking about the below list and would love to hear what you all think....

AdMech Ordinatus super heavy cannon
Subdjugators jump marine army
Volscani 4th Traitor legion odds and ends. I have 40 or 50 infantry that I could paint, plus about 20 or 30 penal legion troops for them. I also need to add some heavy weapon teams.
Incubi and Mandrakes for the Kabal
Pimpwagon Slaanesh baneblade paint
Plaguetower of Nurgle
Khorne tower of Skulls
15 Necron destroyers I got off Ebay that need to be stripped and fixed

I dunno you tell me. I'm sure I could go through several of these projects by the time the Necron book comes out. Then there is the issue of Gamesday or even Wargamescon this, both or neither?

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