Saturday, December 4, 2010

Acid test -- Burned

Well I ended up walking into a charity tournament benefiting Toys for Tots. Craig and I wouldn't have had table space without joining the tournament. While I didn't play Craig I did draw MegaDave in the first round.....and lost. Lets just say the glass cannon analogy is completely accurate, if not understated. If you don't do significant damage in the opening turns, you will lose the edge. Put it this way, of the 11 mobile fire Darklances in the list I hit with exactly 0 in two turns of shooting.....which meant that Dave's termie heavy list was in my grill by the time my dice decided to show up.....and game over from there. Good game Dave, but I learned little about the DE from the game other than Warriors are NOT the best troop choice, unless there are 60+ of them.

The second game was a DIRTY win. My opponent was playing a stunningly beautiful Deathwing army. He had 2 land raiders a pod and 16 terminators in 1500pts. Now this would be a tough army for other marines, but 11 dark lances did a job on his land raiders and poisoned splinter rifles did the rest. I had him tabled on turn 4. I did learn that again warriors are not the optimal troop choice.

I have to say there are 30 to 40 wrack conversions and some of my existing warriors are being re-tasked as trueborn. I am going to move the troops to wracks and upgrade one wyche to a Succubus with an aggonizer, and all of the Wyches to bloodbrides. I am going to run 2 Haemonculi in the HQ, both with flesh gauntlets and hexrifles. My next idea for the heavies is one ravager, one Talos and one voidraven bomber. I will use two ravagers until there is a plastic model for the bomber.

Minor changes other than changing the troop choice, my tactics remain the same.

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