Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dead Shall rise!!!

Well a lot of you will have heard the name "Stickmonkey" in relation to rumors posted on Dakka and Warseer. Here is the latest from the Stick for 2011 beyond the Greyknights.

"Looks like the dead machines may rise again in 2011. I have good information that Necrons should see a revision following GK. What I have heard:

New Codex drops mid year.
WBB changes to FNP for "most" units
New HQ options include "One" new C'Tan. Nightbringer and Deceiver to get new models...and at least one will have optional "incarnations"
New Tomb Spider plastic model. option to create alternate model that is Heavy artillery.
New fast cc focus unit. jump infantry. warrior sized.
new models for immortals.
new "tank" - could be the TS based artillery just referenced from different source.
new MC walker - likely the rumored "Necronmancer" - may be HQ or Heavy-conflicting rumors here.
New plastic Lord with all options.
New named Lord metal blister
New Monolith option...not represented in models to be released.

Also, in other rumors, August is being banted about as Tyranid 2nd wave. To include:
Doom blister
Tyrannofex plastic with options to build as Tervigon - unreliable rumor as to the optional build, but I'm throwing it in Harpy
Tyranid direct only lashwhip bonesword upgrade blister for warriors
"yrmgarll?" direct only genestealer flashgit model, one pose, direct only.

On the flyer front. Theres a rumor of a thunderbolt fighter in design for plastic...from the sound its very early, and if other rumors are true of a "flyer" WD supplemental release, it would not make that cut.

As always, my rumors are typically far off and subject to change. but so far ive got a better hit to miss ratio...hopefully GK wont ruin my record..."

Take all this with a grain of salt but this looks to fall in line with everything we have heard thus far. Color me excited.

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