Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dance of the Skimmers

Well, I drove across town to play Craig today. I haven't seen Craig in almost 6 months due to his work schedule so it was really nice to see him again and get in a game. Craig brought his mostly mechanized Tau and I brought my Kabal of the Sundered Storm Dark Eldar.

At 2000 pts we took nearly three hours to play but man it was a great game. I don't remember the details of Craig's army but it went something like this:

Commander with missile/plasma
3 suits with Missiles
15 kroot, 2 kroot guns, 4 hounds
3 units of fire warriors  2 of them in fish
2 units of path finders in fish
2 hammerheads, one with pulsar

I had my newest force as follows:

Haemonculi with liquifer and portal
7 incubi
9 wyches in raider
3x 10 warriors with splintercannon in raiders
3 ravagers
2x 4 trueborn with 2 splintercannons and 2 shardcarbines in venoms with 2 splintercannon

We drew take and hold with 3 objectives.  I managed to completely coral Craig until turn 4 when his reserves arrived and started to do damage. Until that point his shooting had been completely ineffectual. Craig held on with everything he had that was not a scoring unit until turn 5 while my army slowly degraded under his fire. Once his reserves showed up I was down to about 2/3 strength. In the end he had enough left to hold one objective and contest the other two. The game ended there, but we played out another turn to see what would happen as it looked like my incubi (who failed to come until turn 4) would turn his flank and get me a win. After the dice fell, I lost my contesting units on one objective and he was able to move in to contest another, which would hold his win.

All in all, while a loss for me, the Kabal is looking good. Once the wracks and possibly flyers are released I think they will do well to plug the holes in my list and make it what I want it to be. Loss for me, but an excellent game.

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