Monday, March 8, 2010

more work completed on the Vrock

Well as I get into painting the Ultraforge "Vrock" I am indeeding finding some mold lines. No big deal, a small one running down the model's left thumb and accross part of the arm. 10 seconds with a small file took care of it.

My initial impressions of the kit are still spot on. While the detail is certainly there, it is not quite as "crisp" or well defined as some of the forgeowrld pieces, and I think some of this can be explained by the resin itself.

Forgeworld for the most part uses a yellow resin. THis product is more brittle but allows for more fine details. The Grey resin that Ultraforge used for this piece will give more durability, but they had to sacrifice some fine detail. I am only really missing the fine veining on the ends of the larger feathers at the tip of the wings. Other than that I am having a hard time finding faults with it.

I am still sitting on an 89 out of 100 for a final score for them, and that my friends is a damn fine piece.

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