Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mech Guard FTW!!!!.......NOT

Well I went to the Comic Shop Plus in Newark today for a 1500pt. Tournament. I was pretty confident going in, and felt that I might even have a chance of winning....Then I played bugs two out of three rounds.

Round one:
kill points

Basically I faced the bugs with two tervigons, 3 units of termigaunts, a trygon, 4 zoats and 3 hiveguard.

A simple list for me to blow away right? WRONG. I went the first three turns when I should have been peeling him off the table a squad at a time not able to roll higher than a 2 unless it was a scatter roll....then I rolled 10 or higher.....score 5 to 14 loss

Round 2:
Better game. I came up against orks, and tabled him with the exception of one squad in a corner. Nice guy, newer player, and he did well, my dice just flipped from round one and went hot....score 20-0 win

Round 3:

Oh Noes!!! bugs again. This time a guy I liked playing. I ALMOST tabled him by turn 5, but those stupid objectives get in the way. Mission was kill points, and I had him down to like 10 models. I needed to hold table quarters and kill his monstrous creatures. On turn 5 I thought I had troops in 3 of 4 quarters, with him contesting 2 of them. I rolled for the game to go on and it stopped. I thought "got it, sweet!".....then i measured and found that my flanks were about and inch too tight and I was only in one quarter.....and then I couldnt kill one genestealer so we drew on the table quarters, I won on kill points....5-14 loss for me. BY A SINGLE GENESTEALER!!!!!!!

Lesson learned, pay more attention to spacing, DO NOT rely on eyeballing it. I had a good time except for the first round,and I got to see an old friend, so all in all a good day to be had.

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