Saturday, March 6, 2010

And now for something completely different....or maybe not!

I have been looking around for some new inspiration for a nice project. I found it in a place I wasn't expecting with Ultraforge Miniatures. I have to say I have had no experience with Ultraforge and after finding out that my FLGS could order them for me, I thought, "what the heck, let's give 'em a shot!". SO I did I ordered the Vrock piece for use as a daemon prince or possibly the named Tzeentch daemon in the new Forgeworld IA Apocalypse 2 book. I have the model in hand, and I have to say I am impressed.
The plague marine is just there for scale, but this gives you a good idea of size.

There was little to no flash...yes you heard me right, almost no flash. I only had to clean one small mold line...only 1!!! After dry fitting, (you see this in the pic) there will be almost no putty work, as there is really only one gap around the bicep on the right arm. I do need to mount it on a taller base, as the staff is so long it will not allow the hand to mount correctly as the butt end hangs below the bottom of the base of the model.

As to scoring the piece, I have to say I am impressed. I have built quite a few Forgeworld Pieces, and I consider them to be the king of the hill for level of detail on their models. I would hold this piece up against any model Forgeworld makes and give it only slightly lower marks. To put it more clearly if Forgeworld scores a 100 on a scale of 0 to 100 this model is about a 91.

Check out Ultraforge and their range of Resin pieces here:

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