Monday, March 29, 2010

So.....I'm Bored....

In all respects this should be an exciting time for me. I have just finished up my imperial guard other than one tank and a few unit markings, the Blood Angels codex is released next week, and my desk is clear of commissions for the first time in months. I actually have free time!! *GASP*

I am actually ready to move on to my next project ... there are several problems with this though:

1. Army selection.... I am running out of armies to do given that I have 5 play-able 40k armies now with the Necrons, Chaos Daemons, Chaos Marines, Imperial Marines and, Imperial Guard... This leaves me with the next problem.

2. Interest in other armies. or lack there of I should say. There a quite a few armies I don't have, but the ones that are interesting to me all share one common outdated codex scheduled to be redone in the next year. Which makes point three obvious.

3. So what is a rabid hobbyist to do while I wait for the new codeci to be published? I can do several things, including jumping on the new army bandwagon. Here are the ideas I am kicking around in no particular order:

Sisters of Battle: problem, new codex rumored within 6 months, all metal models now
Grey Knights: see above
Tau: weak little buggers. nice guns but that doesn't help their myopia
Flesh Tearers: Bandwagon I say, still...
Dark Eldar: see sisters above
Eldar: well, no interest they are starting to show age.
Pre-Heresy Marines: I have been tossing this around for a while too...but in the end which ruleset to hang them on....and then there are limits to the army that might make it uncompetitive....

So what say you? Ideas? Opinions? comments? smack talk? anything?....


  1. Choas Deamons do not count as a "playable" army, Larry. Neither do Grey Knights. Two armies that really should only play one another. My opinion.

  2. Well, I think you know I'm fond of the Fleshtearers concept of an army, new army with new codex gives you max in terms of playability over time versus the next edition of the game. If you're not looking to try a new army, there is always the concept of upgrading your current armies to try new lists and selections.