Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FLGS Campaign update

Well I have two game turns under my belt in our campaign at the FLGS. We are using the battle missions book, for missions in every game. The missions are determined by two players dicing off for their armies missions, then rolling for the specific mission.

The first round saw me play Kennedy's Tau in a Tau mission. All those guns are rough to deal with, but at round five I was sitting on a draw, one objective mine, and one to Kennedy. I was on the third sweeping him off when the game ended. DRAW

The second round was a Tyranid mission against Fluffy and his bugs. ALL area terrain was dangerous and difficult. Boy that really made things rough. This one ended in a loss due to losing a large unit of scoring bloodletters in a DS mishap, then having bad scatter on my two princes. This left them isolated. Then the Keeper hit a mishap and he was placed all the way at the other end of the board and swamped. So I lost 5 of 10 units due to bad DS...that's chaos for ya! LOSS

I am having SO much fun with this one. I'll keep you updated as the turns progress.

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