Monday, May 17, 2010

Ultraforge Greater War Demon review

Well, I wne t and bought another of Ultraforge miniatures excellent line of resin models. This time I plunked down the cash for the "greater war demon". While this beast is clean, and I mean clean...only one mold line on the whole model, it has other issues. I like the sculpt, but the wings almost seem like an afterthought. If you were to repose this model standing up, it would illustrate this better, but after looking at it for a while I realized the wings are only about half of the size they would need to be to let this thing fly. Also, his arm has a cavity sculpted out of it so it will fit over the leg due to it's almost curled up, crouched pose. Also, the kit comes with magnets to magnetize the wings for transport. While this seems like a good idea, in reality the magnets provided are not strong enough. Also, the pose has the daemon holding his sword up high enough that if you take the wings off, you leave the sword sticking up and exposed even more than if you just glue the wings on.

And that's it for the really, that's all. The molds are as well designed as the Vrock I did a while back, if not better. There is only a single place I needed a small amount of putty to cover a break on the edge of the leg where it joined the body. I am certain this was broken in shipping due to the extremely thin resin along the leg joint. All in all this is another nice model from Ultraforge. Is the price correct on this one? No, I don't think it is. I think this one should be a bit lower, closer to the price of the Vrock. I understand those magnets are an additional expense, but if the whole reason for having them is voided by the scuplt leaving the sword exposed to the same thanks, I'll order a larger tray for him with the money I save from a lower model cost instead.

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