Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, I'm still here. Work and family life have taken a HUGE chunk of my hobby time for the last week. My next project should come in at the FLGS tomorrow. I ordered the ultraforge Greater War Daemon to represent my buffed Bloodthirster in the 40k campaign I am in and WIP as I get started this weekend.

I am also hip deep in the bombed out tank factory I am making for Origins. I originally wanted to have a multi-story structure with removable levels, but time and some play-testing have proved that to be a bad idea. The result is a (only slightly) lower, more squat structure that has some battle damage to it. Since the structure is under siege by Tyranids in the scenario it is to be used in, I have been working with ways to create acid damage. I am having some fun with it, and I really hope everyone likes it!

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