Sunday, May 23, 2010

ya lose some and you lose some.....oh and mebbe swing a win here and there...

Well I had a spectacularly bad day at my league yesterday. I lost to Count Fluff and his bugs for the second time in a row, mostly due to my own mistakes....again. Then I challenged Mike and his Necrons, full of confidence that I could take him apart in close combat....only to get totally screwed by the scenario/terrain, and then make a HUGE mistake in the last two turns that tilted it over into a second loss for me....Drew, man I really thought the terrain rules were a bit too harsh. That said, live and learn, and I apologize for getting all heated about it. It's just a game, I say that all the time. So I guess that makes me a hypocrite. I'm sorry man, I'll take my lumps and like it! lol.

So I owed Craig a game and thought, cool, I can relax and have a good game with a great friend mebbe even scratch a draw...(I never hope to beat Craig he basically taught me the game by kicking my ass over and over). I should have known better. My army was completely incapacitated by the end of turn now its about 5 pm and i'm down 0-3 on the day.....ugh.

Well around that time Nick came in and needed to get his game in, so I thought "well, what the worst that can happen?", I should have seen it coming. Nick plays Dark Angels. While his codex is older he has a VERY solid list that can handle most opponents. I managed to get Nick to separate his devastator squads, then jumped him. By the end of turn 7 he had a rhino and his lone drop pod left. I feel dirty, as it went all pear shaped for him from the word go. NIick if you read this man, I'm sorry. You happened to have the ideal army for me to exploit, and after three trouncings in a row I was in a MOOD for blood.

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